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Winter transfers (400+ transfers from all over the world – check it, it’s all there with 31.01.2013. dates) [ some players are with number 0 on their back because, at the time we finished work on this patch they were not assigned yet, please understand. Also, for easier spotting, most of the newly transferred players are at the bottom of the team, look for them there ;) ]
All transfers are according to PSD site and their updated transfer section
All players ( where available ) covered with PSD stats, updated with january figures. Stats date are not the same for all leagues but no older then 20th january, latest 30th january for Premier League
More new faces (40+), among those impressive 2300+ in GDB folder …
150+ missing players done and placed in correct teams
More then 80% accurate African teams and players for the African Cup Of Nations in South Africa 2013 [ Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Ghana ... all reworked, new players made ]
All leagues reworked, formations checked, aligned in place. Players in the 1st eleven are placed based on minutes on the field & based on strongest formation placement
Fake boots locked, can’t be seen in the gameBig thanx goes to 
Pesstatsdatabase site for providing support and player stats, w!ld@ for superb editor, Pesfaces for most of the faces (and thanx to all other facemakers all around the world ), ingame facemakers from Pesgaming.com and all crew behind the project and to all others who participated in this and not mentioned above, we love you people !
Also, thanx for all suggestions and comments that gave us new perspective on how to make this even better then it is – keep it up boys and girls !